The Race is On - Lesson Three

The Point of the Lesson: 

The students will learn that God loves us like a loving parent.  God only wants what is best for us. God loves us and will always love us no matter what.

The Power of God’s Word: 

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!

1 John 3:1a (NIV)    

The Prayer for Each Child: 

Our prayer is that each child will come to understand that God loves us and only wants what is best for us.

Lesson in a Word - Love


The Story  In the beginning God made Adam and Eve. God made an amazing place for them to live.  It was a beautiful garden.  In the garden, there was plenty of food there for them to eat.  They had everything they needed in the garden. God said they could have anything they wanted except for one thing. They could not eat fruit from one tree in the garden. One day a snake came to Eve and said, “Did God really say you could not eat from that tree in the garden?” Eve said, “God did say that we could not eat fruit for the tree in the garden.  If we touch it we would die.” The snake said, “That’s not true, God knows that if you eat the fruit you would be really smart. You would be just as smart as God.  You will know everything.” So Eve went to the tree, and when she saw the fruit it looked really good. Eve believed what the snake said. She wanted to be smart and know everything. Eve ate the fruit and she gave some to Adam. He ate it too. They knew what they did was wrong, and they tried to hide from God. God came to Adam and Eve and said, “Why are you hiding, what did you do?”  Adam said, “We heard you coming and we were scared.” God answered, “You were scared because you did something wrong.  Did you eat the fruit from the tree in the garden?” Adam said, “Eve gave it to me to eat.” And Eve said, “The snake lied to me. So, I ate the fruit.” God told them, “You disobeyed me. I gave you everything and you did not listen.” So God punished them. They had to leave the garden. They were not allowed to go back to the beautiful garden. They did not have everything they wanted anymore. Now they had to work hard everyday to grow food and have all that they needed. 


Genesis 3