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God is moving in our midst at Trevecca Community Church. One of the most heartfelt ways we respond to the moving of the Holy Spirit is to sing together. There is power in what we sing. And it is a joy to come together each week and declare the praises of the One whom has redeemed and continues to renew. We celebrate in song, worship in humility and vulnerability, and testify to the work of God in our lives through music. This is the work of the people!

It takes a team of people who are committed to leading as a servant - camera operators, slide techs, sound techs, communion servers, ushers, musicians, and singers. If you'd like to serve on our worship team in any of those capacities, we would love to have you. Send Pastor Jordan an email and he would love to talk with you and help you as you begin the journey as a volunteer.

Our goal as a team is to eliminate distractions in worship by being excellent. So, we prepare and we expect the rest of the team to be prepared. We come with an attitude of humility and willingness to serve, knowing that we all have the same goal in mind, and are following the Spirit's leading. We don't aim to perform well; we aim to minister to the Lord and let the Lord minister to our people.

May everything we do and say lift the name of Jesus higher than any other name.