Our youth ministry is devoted to middle school and high school students living in and around Nashville who are grappling with how their generation belongs in the Kingdom of God.

We believe that the teens and pre-teens are some of the primary ambassadors of Christ in our neighborhoods, and so, as a church, we want to invest heavily in the lives of these amazing young adults.

Youth Gatherings:

Sunday's at 9am - The Well (Lower Level)

Wednesdays at 6:30pm - The Well (Lower Level)

The Well

The Trevecca youth ministry is located on the lower level in a space referred to as "The Well". A well is often thought of as a stationary place for gathering water. It has been a place of survival throughout history as people seek out the life-giving resource it provides.

The Well is simply that β€” a life-giving resource to usher the presence of God into the world. It is not a room, place, or space online. It’s an encounter with the presence of God that gives light and hope to a broken world. Draw near to the well.

Middle School & High School

(6th Grade - 12th Grade)

Our middle school and high school students not only learn but live out their faith and express what it means to be the Church. They engage in Bible study, spend time in prayer, and engage in service opportunities throughout the year. The leaders believe strongly in helping students have fun, build healthy friendships, and develop a deeper faith that translates into action.