Ready Set Go - Lesson 6

The Point of the Lesson:

The students will learn that God keeps His promises.

The Power of God’s Word:

1 Chronicles 17:19a

Lord, you have done a wonderful thing. You have given me many great promises. All of them are for my good.

The Prayer for Each Child:

Our prayer is that each child come to understand that God loves them and always keeps his promises.

Lesson in a Word - Promise 

The Story

There was a man named Abram who lived a long time ago in the land of the Bible. Abram had a wife Sarai. God told Abram to pack his things and leave his hometown. Abram trusted God, so Abram and Sarai left their home on a journey to a land far, far away.

Now God promised that he would make Abram the father of a great nation, but Abram and Sarai still didn’t have any kids. One night, Abram said to God, “You haven’t given us a child yet. Who will you keep your promise to?” God took Abram outside and said, “Look up at the stars, Abram- try to count them, if you can. One day, your family will be so big that they’ll be as many as the stars you see up in the sky.” God made a special promise to Abram, and God always keeps his promises. Later, to make his promise official, God gave Abram and Sarai new names: Abraham and Sarah.

Years passed, and Abraham and Sarah were now very old, but they still didn’t have any kids! One day God told Abraham that he would bless him and Sarah and give them a son, and that they would name the baby, Isaac. Abraham laughed, because he was almost a hundred years old! That’s old!

But God always keeps his promises, and he would keep his promise to Abraham through Abraham’s son, Isaac.

Genesis 15 & Genesis 17 


What is a promise? The dictionary says that a promise is a statement tellingsomeone that you will definitely do something. We all make promises everyday.

I promise to brush my teeth
I promise to save my money
I promise to make up my bed I promise to do my homework

God makes promises also. As a matter of fact in the Bible there are more than 3000 promises that God has made to you and me and God keeps his promises. That’s the key to today’s story. God’s promise are true and God always keeps his promises

What are some promises that God has made to us? What are some promises that we make to God? Are the promises of God good for us?
What do the promises of God tell us about God?