Ready Set Go - Lesson 7

The Point of the Lesson: 

The students will learn that nothing is impossible with God

The Power of God’s Word: 

Your promises have proved to be true. I love them.  Psalm 119:140(NIRV)

The Prayer for Each Child: 

Our prayer is that each child come to understand that God loves them and they can bring all of there problems and concerns to God because nothing is impossible with God.

Lesson in a Word - Possible

The Story

God had made a promise to Abraham and Sarah- the promise that they would have a son. But Abraham and Sarah were very old- how could they ever have a child? It was impossible!

Nothing is impossible for God. God’s promises are true. One day, Abraham was sitting in the door of his tent, because it was a hot day. That day, God came to visit Abraham. Abraham looked up, and he saw three men nearby. The men looked like angels!

Abraham ran to them and asked them to come and rest under a tree. Abraham and Sarah made food for them, and they gave them cool water to drink. God said to Abraham, “Where is your wife Sarah?” “Sarah is in the tent”, Abraham said. God said, “I will visit you this time next year, and when I do, Sarah will have a baby boy.” 

Sarah had been listening from inside the tent, and she laughed, because she was too old to have a child. But nothing is too hard for God. 

Just as God promised, Sarah had a baby boy.  Abraham and Sarah were very happy, and they named him Isaac.  The name Isaac means laughter.

(Genesis 18 & 21)


The Big Questions? 

What does is mean when we say “all things are possible with God’?

Is there anything that God can not do?

What one thing that God did that seems like it is impossible?

If all things are possible with God how does that help you and me?